Revolution In Writing

I write. I photograph. Photographic poetry. My forte.

Our New-Born Dawn

Words aren’t enough to describe the emotions we’ve felt in the past couple of weeks. They have been filled with overwhelming happiness, joy, sorrow and disbelief. There has been alot lost, alot gained, and alot learned from the six months that all people alike have seen.
Everytime I come to write, I feel that I won’t do justice how I and many others feel. So I put the pen down, and walk away. I hope I’ve done it justice.

The fiery pit of our friend Libertas
Burns in the hearts of our fulsome spirits
She holds our heads pride in crowds of gold
Our dreams are sewn;

In the kites she claims her own
With a fist of valiant courage and a heart
Even more her own; than it deemed to be
In her spoken legacy.

She flaunts her smiles, her audacious beauty
In all the glistening eyes that meet
In that beloved heartland we call our home.
Our fiery pit-

Our place of calm waters.
Once a shelter, of vices and sin
A courteous building; of wicked lies and filth
The locket to our lives; the sanctuary of our pain

But one howl; one clout from the hearts-
Our homeland is calling; and we are all awaken.
The final hour cried for the almighty. We cry;
In unison we cry. In unison they descend-

In God’s name; they draw their fists
And anchor their souls in raging steps they take
From the deepest of the desert sands;
To the highest of mountain peeks-

We are called as one-
Libertas holds us, in her shielding arms of candid
Strengths and bounty love; showering our tears
With unified hands and unified hearts.

She steps on Mediterranean waters;
And watches the beauty unfold from afar-
Her splendid eyes torn at the end of an Odyssey;
The dawn of a new day has come.

By Rukaya El-Turki